Zora Ilunga-Reed

Two figures, one diving and one coming up for air, against a shimmering gold background. White waves and curls suggest water and flow. A spiral in the bottom right corner seems to be the destination of the diving figure.
Two brown legs leap across a navy background with light blue vertical rectangles on either side of a white lace path. Mirrored mosaic tiles wrap around the ankles.
On a rippling black felt background, the following is stitched in shades of blue: "I said I would sacrifice rest cuz I thought it'd make me good but then my only breath came in my dreams."
Rippling sheer yellow fabric is laid over black felt. A silver face in profile is visible to the right of the piece; the background makes a hair scarf for her. A silver flower-shaped sequin stands out in the center of the piece.
A textured golden brown background ripples with a burst of shades of pink in the center. Large hot pink abstract shapes circle the center of the burst as though they are fish swimming to the surface
Cream fabric with sheer areas and solid stripes is woven through with thick navy blue wool yarn. Subtle beading adds some shimmer to the top of the piece, which is subtly quilted. The yarns that weave through the piece tangle at the top.
White felt, cream muslin, and gold silk in a three-by-three quilt square. The edges of the piece ripple along with the quilting lines. In the center is a black embroidered organic spiral with rays extending from its center.
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